OmniPage 18

OmniPage 18 Standard

OmniPage 18 is the fastest and most precise way to convert paper, PDF and XPS files, and even digital camera pictures into files you can edit in your favourite PC applications. It works with all scanners and you can capture text with a digital camera or iPhone®. OmniPage 18 lets you turn documents that would take hours to re-type into perfectly formatted documents in seconds. Numerous output formats are supported, including Microsoft® Office, PDF, Corel® WordPerfect® and even audio files. Get started right away because OmniPage is easy to use. OmniPage 18 is ideal for students, home office and small businesses.

OmniPage 18 is our entry level scanning, document conversion and OCR productivity application. It delivers the most accurate document conversion available, turning paper and PDF files into electronic files you can edit search and share. OmniPage 18 ensures that your converted electronic documents look exactly like the original – complete with text, graphics, columns and tables.

OmniPage 18

99.00 €


Superior OCR Accuracy
Improved OCR engines deliver 99%+ accuracy for document conversion and archiving business critical documents.

Maintain perfect formatting
Converted documents look exactly like the original and are easier to edit than ever before, complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics.

Simply the easiest to use
Converting documents doesn't have to be complicated. The Quick Convert View gets it done in seconds – there's no need to learn a lot of options and tools.

Unlock PDF files
Turn any PDF file into your favorite PC application for easy editing. You can also scan documents into searchable versions of this format for instant access by desktop search utilities.

Works with any scanners
If your device can scan then it can work with OmniPage. Mobile scanners, desktop scanners, All-in-one and Multi-function printers all work more productively and with better accuracy using OmniPage.

A picture is worth 1,000 words
Capture text with a digital camera or iPhone®. Quickly convert your pictures to text documents on your PC with the most accurate 3D Correction technology available.

Complex sequences by mouse click
Simple setup of user-defined conversion processes. OCR processes can be done by pressing the scanner button or by a mouse click in OmniPage.

Supports all your favorite applications
Supports the widest range of output formats including PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel,® PowerPoint® 2007, HTML and Corel® WordPerfect®, plus many more formats.

Recognizes over 120 languages
Process, edit and store documents from anywhere in the world. Now supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.


OmniPage 18 Professional

The fastest and most precise OCR document conversion software ever.

With 99%+ character accuracy, one-click conversion to Microsoft Office and universal compatibility with any scanner, OmniPage 18 is the one tool to do it all – no other OCR software does as much, does it as accurately or does it as easily. The combination of superior accuracy and functionality means OmniPage 18 saves organizations significant time and money by radically improving the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared.

The Professional version of OmniPage 18 also includes the award-winning desktop document management software, PaperPort and PDF Create 5 software that allows you to create a 100% industry-standard PDF file from any application. With OmniPage Professional 17 you can automatically batch convert files; use multi-function printers to automatically scan and convert high-volumes of documents; monitor, recognize and convert files from incoming emails directly to your network; access scanned files from anywhere in your organization; archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint; highlight and redact document data to improve collaboration and maintain confidentiality.
OmniPage 18 Professional

199.00 €


  • Keep information confidential by blacking out sensitive words with redaction. Quickly locate information with highlights or communicate a revision with strikethrough text.
  • Rearrange the various function windows in OmniPage to work the way you like.
  • Find the most important conversion options on one screen for fast and easy operation.
  • Turn complex tasks into a single button press with a greatly enhanced Workflow Assistant with more features, options and destinations
  • Automatic document conversion and archiving using cover sheets
  • OmniPage is now optimized to recognize and convert legal documents including line number, headers, and more.
  • Create up to 8 times smaller scanned color PDF documents faster with improved PDF-MRC technology.
  • Be more productive with on demand document conversion in Windows Explorer.


Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files. Hyper-thread enabled or multi-processor systems can deliver better performance.

OmniPage 18: 99.00 €
OmniPage 18 Professional: 199.00 €
OmniPage 18 Professional Update:  99.00 €
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