OCR Systeme GmbH – Specialists in Text Recognition and Forms Processing

Specialized in Text Recognition and Forms Processing

We are a specialized software vendor with more than 25 years of experience in the areas of text recognition (OCR) and forms processing. We offer reliable software from our in-house software development as well as professional application software and OCR technology from international market leaders, for example:

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for End-Users



Nuance® OmniPage® Ultimate

Product Highlights

FormPro - by OCR Systeme

Survey+ - by OCR Systeme   New!

OmniPage Server - by Nuance

OmniPage Capture SDK - by Nuance

OCR Console - by OCR Systeme

for Developers

Nuance® OmniPage® Server

Nuance® OmniPage® Capture SDK
Capture SDK

OCR Console
OCR Console