"80% of all users are using only 20% of a program's functionality". Although this is most often true you may find yourself in a situation where a program is missing a certain feature. Sometimes users need a feature that is too specific to be put in a general use software.
For some products from our portfolio like OmniPage there is a macro library allowing the user to create scripts that can be saved and then repeatedly executed on large batches of documents. Other products like the OmniPage Capture SDK from Nuance have been created for the sole purpose of being integrated into other application.
With our own products and especially with FormPro we are able to extend the functionality of a program using a documented programming interface. Through this interface individual features of the program can be extended or replaced with user-sepecific modifications, e.g.:

Before an adaptation of FormPro can be requested a full licence must be acquired. In most cases, however, it can be clarified during the testing phase if special requirements not covered by the feature set of the standard application can be met by extending the program and how much this would cost. The adaptions can be made form-wise causing them to be activated only for certain forms.

If you need a program adaptation or are interested in this topic please do not hesitate to contact us.