EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit

EMC® Captiva® Cloud Toolkit is a scanning and imaging software developer kit (SDK) that enables document scanner hardware vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises to add scanning capability to their web-based line of business applications. The toolkit enables applications to communicate with document scanners that use either ISIS or TWAIN drivers. There are no special server requirements, and no ActiveX plug-ins used.

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An Emerging Trend: Distributed Capture

Commercial hardware/software vendors and enterprises are constantly on the lookout for more effective ways to reduce their deployment and maintenance costs and raise their productivity levels in order to meet their most demanding business needs. Companies seek new ways of capturing information more efficiently, processing the data, and thereby helping their customers make better business decisions faster. Despite the emergence of cloud-based and web-based applications, many critical business applications continue to rely upon paper documents. Scanning these paper documents into web-based applications has been problematic, usually requiring the installation of a standalone desktop application or software plug-in such as ActiveX.
Although ActiveX plug-in components can be used to communicate with document scanners, they are cumbersome and add another software component layer to the total configuration. Moreover, secure corporate environments forbid the use of ActiveX technology because it bypasses operating system controls and browser security protocols.
Software developers prefer an approach where the scanner driver can communicate directly with a web services interface, enabling web-based applications to handle the scanning function directly. This creates the possibility of a zero download distributed web client and provides developers with a more elegant approach for implementing distributed document capture applications.


EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit has the following features and capabilities:

  • Leverages the power of ISIS and allows access to basic and advanced scanner features; also provides connectivity toTWAIN-based devices
  • Zero download for all devices that support cloud capture natively or a onetime download of the cloud capture web services component
  • Popular Microsoft Windows browser platforms like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are fully supported
  • Provided with web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing and controlling the document scanner features to include image enhancement and barcode recognition capabilities

Versions & Pricing

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EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit 1,630.00 1,939.70
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Evaluation Version 30-Day Trial Version

We offer a fully functional evaluation version of the EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit. This 30-day version enables developers to test all features of the SDK in a comprehensive manner. To get an evaluation copy please send a request with your company's details via email or contact us directly.

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