EMC Captiva Mobile SDK

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK EMC® Captiva® Mobile SDK turns a mobile device into a sophisticated and efficient portable scanning device that captures a document and provides the ability to transform information to useful actionable data.

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK has the following features and capabilities:

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Mobility is the Key

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK Mobile SDK provides on-device image capture and mobile image enhancement filters. The SDK quickly enables and converts any handheld or portable camera-equipped mobile device into a powerful tool to capture information at the point of contact and then seamlessly submits captured images to a shared folder, content repository, or backend system for further business processing. Organizations are saving time and business processing cycles by allowing users to capture documents via their mobile devices. This mobile approach to document capture provides an exciting new gateway for all users to transact and do business.
EMC Captiva Mobile SDK delivers exceptional image enhancement and correction capabilities directly on the mobile device. Native iOS and Android application programming interfaces (APIs) are provided as part of the mobile capture user interface and utilizes the mobile devices' hardware functions like light sensors, autofocus, accelerometer, to name a few. APIs for client-side image enhancements like binarization, cropping, etc. are also included.

Versions & Pricing

Product Price in €
(excl. VAT)
Price in €
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EMC Captiva Mobile SDK 6,000.00 7,140.00
Mobile Runtime At request

Evaluation Version 30-Day Trial Version

We offer a fully functional evaluation version of the EMC Captiva Mobile SDK. This 30-day version enables developers to test all features of the SDK in a comprehensive manner. To get an evaluation copy please send a request with your company's details via email or contact us directly.

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