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OCR Console
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OCR Console is a command line program for Windows enabling you to integrate scanning features, text recognition (OCR) and barcode recognition into your own applications. To integrate OCR Console no programming skills are required as all features can be controlled via command line parameters.
OCR Console contains the engine of OmniPage delivering the same results for the same input. In contrast to OmniPage OCR Console does not require user interaction, is full automated and can be integrated seamlessly.



System Requirements

Versions & Prices

OCR Console will be delivered via download only. Before it can be used it must be activated once. This requires an Internet connection on the computer to be activated or on a different computer. The licence file shipped with the software will determine which features will be activated. Currently, there are the following versions:

Version Scanning
Import &
OCR Barcodes Export Price Add to Cart
Barcode Ja   Ja Barcode values only   831.81 € OCR Console "Barcode Recognition" Add to Cart
OCR Ja Ja   Ja   1,069.81 € OCR Console "Text Recognition" Add to Cart
OCR + Barcode Ja Ja Ja Ja   1,307.81 € OCR Console "Text and Barcode Recognition" Add to Cart
OCR + PDF + XPS Ja Ja   Ja Ja 1,212.61 € OCR Console "Text Recognition, PDF & XPS" Add to Cart
OCR + Barcode + PDF Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja 1,450.61 € OCR Console "Text- and Barcode Recognition, PDF & XPS" Add to Cart

The prices quoted on this page are for the desktop version of OCR Console which can process a maximum of 25,000 pages per month. For larger page volumes the server version of the program will be required. Please call or send an email for the prices of the server version.

 Evaluation Version

We offer a fully functional evaluation version of the OCR Console. To get an evaluation copy please send a request with your company's details or fill out our application form.

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