FormPro FAQ

On this page you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our software FormPro.

How can I control my scanner directly from within FormPro?

FormPro supports two different scanner driver models: TWAIN and ISIS. While TWAIN is more suited for scanning single pages on flatbed sacanners the ISIS standard has been designed specifically for scanning large numbers of pages on document scanners with automatic feeders. ISIS provides full control of all features of a scanner and enables an application to scan in the background at maximum speed which is not always possible with TWAIN.
If possible, you should therefore install an ISIS driver for your scanner and select it in the Scanner Setup of FormPro. ISIS drivers are often supplied on the CD that comes with a document scanner or can be downloaded from the web site of the scanner manufacturer (see Links to Scanner Manufacturers). The Scanner Setup appears at the end of the FormPro installation or can be selected from the FormPro start menu or from Options / Scanner Settings. In the Scanner Setup you should select ISIS on the starting page and select the driver for you particular scanner on the second page.

When I select "ISIS" in the Scanner Setup my scanner does not appear in the list.

When you select the ISIS option on the starting page of the Scanner Setups of FormPro the second page will contain a list of all currently used ISIS drivers. When you start the Scanner Setup for the first time and have not used an ISIS-compliant application before this list may be empty even if the ISIS driver is installed. In this case you should click on Add to select the driver from the list of all installed ISIS drivers. If the list displayed there is empty or does not contain your scanner this may be caused by one of the following:

To learn if an ISIS driver was installed for your scanner or not look at the starting page of the Scanner Setup of FormPro. If it offers a choice between TWAIN and ISIS and if the model name of your scanner appears in the list of all installed ISIS drivers the driver was installed. If the choice between ISIS and TWAIN does not appear or if the list of ISIS drivers contains only other scanners and not your particular model please install the ISIS driver from the CD that was shipped with the scanner or download it from the web size of the scanner manufacturer (see Links to Scanner Manufacturers).
If the list of ISIS drivers is completely empty although you have installed the ISIS driver for your scanner you are affected by an error in the Scanner Setup of FormPro 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. This error prevents the creation of the ISIS driver list. The error can be circumvented by starting another ISIS-compliant application. Afterwards the list shown in the Scanner Setup of FormPro will be up to date. Programs suited for this method are the test application Testappn.exe in the C:\Windows\Pixtran folder or the demo or full version of QuickScan. Alternatively you can request a CD with FormPro 2.3 (free of charge) or purchase an upgrade to FormPro 3.0.

How can I assign a question with multiple checkmark fields to a single database field?

Normally in FormPro each zone must be assigned to a different database field. This holds true also for checkmark zones which will be evaluated with 0 or 1 by default. For multiple choice questions or other groups of mutually exclusive answers you will usually not need a separate database field for each checkmark. Instead, you will need a common field into which the label of the checked answer should be written.
For checkmark zones FormPro therefore allows the assignment of multiple zones to the same database field. The so grouped checkmark zones will be marked with a gray frame. In the properties dialog box of checkmark zones the field "Name" will change to "Label". There you can enter the text for each zone that is to be entered into the database field if the zone is recognized as checked.

The forms scanned for processing appear slightly skewed or shifted.

Before FormPro can recognize the contents of a form it must adjust the page to compensate for skews and distortions that may occur during scanning. The goal is to match the filled out page with the blank form. For this process called fine adjustment FormPro searches the blank form for adequate anchor points when the form is opened in FormPro Processing for the first time. These anchor points are words in the pre-printed text that appear on both the blank and the filled out forms.
If the fine adjustment crucial for the later processing fails this may have one of the following causes:

Trifft eine der oben genannten Ursachen zu, schließen Sie das Formular im Verarbeitungsteil und öffnen Sie es erneut im Einrichtungsteil. Ändern Sie gegebenenfalls Ihr Leerformular und scannen Sie es mit Hilfe von Formular / Scannen mit einer Auflösung von 300 dpi erneut ein. Bei Bilddateien mit falscher Auflösung können Sie die Auflösung unter Datei / Seite einrichten korrigieren. Speichern Sie das Formular anschließend noch einmal ab.

Despite of correct page adjustment nothing will be recognized or there are many hieroglyphics.

By default, FormPro is filtering all pre-printed information from the filled out form before it begins with the actual text recognition. This is being done to remove distracting lines and to avoid the recognition of pre-printed text within the zones.
If the record created as a result of the processing is completely empty or contains only hieroglyphics you have most likely used a non-blank form in the form template. This will cause FormPro to remove too much information from the filled out form. If this is the case you should close the form in FormPro Processing and re-open it in FormPro Definition. There you can scan a blank form using Form / Scan and then save the file again.
If your form was printed in red, green or blue and you are using a scanner capable of applying a drop-out color you can activate the much more efficient drop-out color filtering instead of the default filtering by image comparison (see Options / Form Processing / Filtering).

How can I increase the recognition accuracy of handwritten fields?

Recognizing handwritten data is the most challenging task that can be done with FormPro. To achieve optimal results you should pay attention to the following hints:

Can I export the image file names of scanned forms to the database?

FormPro will save all scanned forms as image files. The folder to be used for that can be specified in FormPro Processing under Options / Scanner Settings / Image Handling. By default the image files will be deleted after the data has been archived. However, if the form contains an Image File zone the image files will not be deleted and the name of the image file connected with the record will be stored in the database field of this zone.

Can FormPro scan a batch of mixed forms and distinguish them automatically?

You can open multiple form templates in FormPro Processing if each of them contains a project identification zone. A project identification zone is a special zone for distinguishing a form from other forms. Typically it is drawn around a word of the pre-printed text that does not appear at the same position on any of the other forms.
The zone should be considerably larger than the enclosed word as the page will not yet be adjusted when the form identification takes place. It does not matter if other text is also enclosed in the zone. The safest method of identifying forms automatically is the use of barcodes.
Beginning with build 2.1.157 you can even open multiple two-page forms if a scanner with duplex capability has been installed or if you are only working with two-page image files.

How can I automatically verify the recognized field contents for plausibility?

Through the user interface of FormPro the following automatic verifications can be defined:

More complex plausibility checks like database lookups or context-sensitive verifications can be realized using the programming interface of FormPro. This interface does not have any restrictions on the type of checks that can be implemented but requires thorough knowledge of C/C++ and DLL programming. If you are interested we can advise you about the possibilities of this API or can develop special add-on modules for you.