FormPro 3.0 - Data Capture from Forms and Questionnaires

FormPro 3.0 - Software for processing forms, questionnaires and structured documents
FormPro is a software for automated data capturing from filled-out forms, questionnaires and structured documents of all kinds. By using FormPro, data that until recently had to be typed in manually can now be captured automatically and saved into a database

To enable automatic forms processing with FormPro an empty form must be scanned first and a reading template must be defined. This template determines where on the form you want to capture data and whether this is printed or handwritten text, bar codes or checkmarks.

The main goal of automated data capturing is to store the forms data in a database or text file. Therefore, each reading zone of the form template will be linked with a database field or a text file column, respectively.

As soon as the form template has been defined you can proceed with the processing of the filled-out forms. The pages can be scanned directly or imported from image files. Alternatively, the program can monitor a network folder and import all image files created there.

When processing forms skews and distortions will be corrected automatically by an intelligent image comparison with the original form. After that, the contents of the pages will be evaluated by state-of- the-art OCR and ICR engines.

After the processing the contents of all form fields can be compared against the corresponding image sections. To enable automatic data verification you can define regular expressions or look-up lists for each field. More complex validation routines can be implemented using the programming interface of FormPro.

As soon as the data has been verified it can be exported to the final database. At this step, the scanned image or additional information like user name, date, time and notes can be added to the database record.


Applications for FormPro

Application scenarios for FormPro can be found wherever large quantities of filled-out, uniform documents must be evaluated quickly or regularly.

A typical example of FormPro application are inquiries of customers, employees, students or seminar participants by using questionnaires. These kinds of inquiries often use multiple-choice-questions which can be evaluated with high certainty and extremely fast. The resulting time savings are therefore enormous.

Further examples of FormPro applications are measurement protocols with handwritten values, production reports or medical records with printed patient details.

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