PaperPort 14 - Document Management Software

Scan, Share, Search and Organise Documents on your PC

The new version offers simplified, easy scanning, enthanced PDF-support and a unified access to cloud services including PaperPort Anywhere®, Google Docs und Evernote.

PaperPort 14

Overwhelmed with paper? PaperPort® 14 can help to simplify the chaos by organising your paper documents – documents, receipts, photos and more – into digital files on your desktop.
PaperPort 14 is Nuance’s most popular scanning and document management solution, carefully designed specifically for home office use. Part traditional file cabinet, part digital-document desktop, PaperPort 14 is the fastest and easiest way to scan, share, search and organise your documents.
Additionally, PaperPort 14 now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files however it’s convenient for you – using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

PaperPort Standard 14

79,00 €

PaperPort Professional 14

129,00 €

PaperPort Professional 14

If you’re looking to streamline paper based processes, save time (and money), and improve access to critical information, PaperPort Professional 14 is the answer.
PaperPort Professional 14 is the most productive and cost effective way for office workers or individual professionals to scan paper, create PDFs, organise and find all their important documents using a Windows PC.
Additionally, PaperPort 14 now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files however it’s convenient for you – using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.
See why millions of people – including lawyers, insurance and real estate agents, doctors, business professionals and more – rely on PaperPort to eliminate paper and keep their documents and files organised.


Funktionsübersicht PaperPort 14 PaperPort Professional 14
Scan to Searchable PDF via WIA, TWAIN, ISIS Yes Yes
ScanDirect utility Yes Yes
PDF Viewer with FormTyper; ImageView Yes Yes
Print to Image PDF Yes Yes
Document thumbnails Over 150 formats Over 150 formats
Stack and unstack PDF documents Yes Yes
PDF document assembly, annotation and highlighting Yes Yes
All-in-One Search Yes Yes
Folder management with custom colours Yes Yes
Folder notes with scan-to-PDF properties (author, keywords, subject Yes Yes
‘Send to’ links to applications, devices and storage Yes Yes
NEW: Nuance Cloud Connector Yes Yes
NEW: Web bookmarksn Yes Yes
NEW: ‘Scan and Open’ button Yes Yes
NEW: User defined file naming for scanned files Yes Yes
Improved: Scanner and image enhancement tools (SET) Yes Yes
Improved: Customisable scanner profiles 5 Profile unbegrenzte Anzahl
Capture Assistant Simple Advanced with Preview
Improved: Support for shared network folders Yes Yes
NEW: Add folder notes to any PDF; thumbnail pop-up notes (author, keywords, subject)   Yes
NEW: Windows context menu support (right-click menu)   Yes
NEW: Jump to recently scanned and recently viewed documents   Yes
NEW: Support for Windows 7 Jump list   Yes
Improved: PDF Create included - Creation of text PDF (normal) files from any application and batch PDF creation   Yes
PDF creation from any application file on the desktop   Yes
Support for PDF 1.7, PDF/A   Yes
Improved: Super compressed scanned colour documents (PDF-MRC)   Yes
PDF passwords/encryption   Yes
‘Send to’ OmniPage® Workflow   Yes
Split desktop with dual workspaces   Yes
Bookmark and organise workspaces (desktops)   Yes
Scheduled All-in-One Indexing (Index Manager)   Yes
MFP scanning with DesktopDelivery from email and folder   Yes
SharePoint® Connector (‘Send to’ link)   Yes

PaperPort 14:  79.00 €
PaperPort Professional 14:  129.00 €

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