Survey+ – Create forms and questionnaires and conduct surveys

Survey⁺ is a Windows application for creating a wide variety of surveys - from simple forms to complex, multi-page questionnaires.

By choosing the appropriate Survey⁺ Edition, forms and questionnaires created with Survey⁺ can be saved and printed, exported as fillable PDF documents, or used to carry out online surveys right away. Online surveys can be conducted by using a Survey⁺ web account, which allows to host online qestionaires and manage their targeted accessibility.

In addition, filled paper-based forms and questionnaires created with Survey⁺ can be directly processed with FormPro 3.0 without requiring to re-define the form in FormPro. A valid FormPro license is needed for that.

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Survey⁺ Editions

Survey⁺ is available via download only. Editions with costs must be activated once. During activation, the software will determine wich features will be activated. Currently, there are the following versions:

Features Edition
Free Web PDF Full
Design surveys in a paper page layout Ja Ja Ja Ja
Print out surveys Ja Ja Ja Ja
FormPro 3.0 compatible surveys Ja Ja Ja Ja
Export as printable PDF/XPS file Ja Ja Ja Ja
Encode data in barcodes Ja Ja
Imprint an automatically ascending counter. Ja Ja
Export as fillable PDF file Ja Ja
Create surveys for web view Ja Ja
Publish a survey online Ja Ja
Includes record unlocks (*) 1,000
Pricing free
of charge
49.- € 99.- € 199.- €
Order from

(*) When conducting on-line surveys with Survey⁺ Web and Survey⁺ Full, an inital amount of 1,000 resp. 10,000 record unlocks are included. Further record unlocks can be purchased if needed: Up to 1,000 further records for 2 cents per record. Up to 10,000 further records for 1.5 cents per record. Above that it is 1 cent per record.

System Requirements

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