Case Studies

On this page you find some case studies about the use of our software FormPro. By using FormPro you can scan batches of filled-out forms, questionnaires and structured documents of all kinds and automatically extract the data contained therein within seconds.

International Wine Academy MUNDUSvini

Processing of opinion polls at wine tasting MUNDUSvini

The MUNDUSvini Great International Wine Award is meanwhile one of the most prestigious wine awards in the world. It is held annually in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany. Over the course of two weeks, some 180 well-known international wine experts taste more than 4,000 wines from all over the world.
To process 30,000 opinion polls with 60 check boxes and two barcodes each within a short amount of time – that was the challenge set by MUNDUSvini for our data capture technology. Since 2001 FormPro serves as the gateway between paper and the database. To Fujitsu fi-4530C scanners ensure the required throughput of 100 Seiten per minute enabling the Academy to processes polls without delay even at peak times.
FormPro will read the images created by the scanners, process the check boxes and barcodes and write records to a FileMaker 8 database. There, the verification of the results, the correction of errors and the calculation of the results will occur. Thank to FormPro an accuracy rate of 100% can be achieved with only one person in the manual correction process.
Despite of the high throughput of 100 pages per minute FormPro still has enough performance reserves and excels with its remarkable stability.

German Pain Association

Processing of patient surveys at the German Pain Association

The German Pain Association (DGS) is the largest German society for diagnostics and therapy of chronic pain patients. It is focued on the treatment of and care for patients with chronic pains. One of the instruments used for this purpose is the German Pain Questionnaire which is the de facto standard for patient surveys. The questionnaire is an 16 page, A5-sized booklet containing more than 300 items and over 1000 check boxes.

Because of its size and the complexity of the scores calculated from the data items the manual evaluation of the questionnaire is tiresome and error-prone. In the past, the surgery personnel had to help themselves with special templates and could still collect only a small portion of the raised data. In order to create a progression documentation over a longer period of time multiple books had to be evaluated in this tiresome way and the data had to be entered into diagrams.

In 2002 OCR Systeme was contracted by the DGS with the creation of a system for automatic processing of the pain questionnaires and the similar pain diaries. The core components of this new system ("PainSoft") are a (Fujitsu fi-7160) document scanner and our software FormPro, completed with an add-on module for automatic distinguation of the different book types and their pages. The books have been re-printed with a perforated margin which can easily be removed before scanning. A serial number at the bottom of each page ensures that all pages of a book will be scanned completely and will be saved as one record. The assignment of a scanned book to the correct patient can be made by the patient's number on the cover page.

The data extracted by FormPro during scanning will be stored in an MS Access database. For evaluating the data and calculating the scores that are important for the doctor a separate application has been developed. This application accesses the database and displays the progression data as a table or diagram. Additionally, the program can display the corresponding scanned page from its archive whenever the user clicks on a data item. This way, the books do not have to be archived over many years as before.

TRENDline GmbH

Evaluation of traffic censuses at TRENDline

The TRENDline GmbH & Co. KG from Essen is a service contractor focusing on the areas of market and traffic research, consulting and project management. For counting and interviewing passengers in the public transportation sector TRENDline employs more than 300 interviewerers. 15 internal employees pal and realise the surveys.
Since mid 2005 TRENDline is using FormPro for a wide range of traffic censuses and has since then processed more than 350,000 form pages with this system. Besides of standardised check box fields the software had to capture mainly handwritten numbers. As most of the surveys are filled out in travelling buses and trains the entries are not always optimal for a scanning system. However, because of the robustness of FormPro and of the special add-ons the final results were always pleasing.
The system used by TRENDline consists of a scanning station with a Canon DR-3080CII document scanner and three correction stations.