Scanning Service - Scanning, Data Capture, Questionnaire Processing

For enterprises not willing to deal themselves with data capture we offer our services to extract data from documents, forms or questionnaires for them. The documents to be processed will be sent to us by mail and will then be scanned and processed using OCR or ICR technologies, respectively and converted to the desired format. As a result you will get a document archive or a database containing the extracted data. The original documents can be destroyed or sent back to you.

Depending on the type of documents we distringuish between unstructured and structured documents. Unstructured documents are usually text like newspaper articles or scientific papers that have to be converted completely and as similar to the original as possible. Unstructured documents are mostly forms or questionnaires sharing a common layout and containing data at fixed positions.

Capturing Unstructured Documents   Capturing Unstructured Documents

Capturing Structured Documents   Capturing Structured Documents

Prices   The prices for our scanning service depend on the following:

The prices of our scanning service depend also on the contents of the pages, on the quality of the print and the amount of manual interactions required. To get a specific offer please contact us, tell us the type and number of documents and send us a sample page.