Formulator: Scanning, filling-out and printing forms, questionnaires, invoices, delivery notes, orders, …

Filling-out And Printing Scanned Forms

Don’t want to fill out forms by hand ever again? Instead, you can scan blank forms, fill them out on your computer and then print or save them. All you need is a Windows computer, a scanner and a printer.

Add New Contents to Existing Forms

Define fields that always display the current date. Add text to appear on each form. Daisy-chain zones with basic arithmetic operations and format the results as numbers or sums of money.

Import And Export Data from Any Database

Text fields can be linked to virtually any database. You can both export values you entered or import entire records to fill-out form fields. You can start mass import by a single click and print all records at once!


In order to print text onto a form you have to scan a blank form first. Then, you need to show the program where text will have to be entered by drawing frames with the mouse. Afterwards, you can assign attributes to these text zones to make filling out the form as easy as possible. If, for instance, you define a field as a date field it will always contain the current date so you never have to enter it yourself. Or, you can create zones containing pre-defined text that is to appear on every form, like your name or your address.

Formulator Filler

As an addition to Formulator, the Formulator Filler is a low-cost alternative to enable further worker places to fill-out forms. In order to use the Filler you need one full license of Formulators 3.0 for creating and preparing form templates. Filling out these forms with Formulator Filler will be no different from the full version. So this version is ideal for corporate networks with many computers.

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New in Version 3.0

  • Forms can contain multiple pages
  • Scanning and viewing in grayscale or color
  • Page adjustment for skewed forms
  • New formula zones for arithmetic dependencies
  • Multi-line text fields with adjustable line pitch
  • Scale-to-gray feature for better viewing quality
  • Completely overhauled database interface
  • Printing of multiple records in one step

Fact Sheets

  • PC running Windows
  • Windows compatible printer
  • TWAIN compliant scanner
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • Filling out any kind of form
  • Application forms for insurances
  • Invoices and delivery notes
  • Bank transfer forms
  • Tender documents
  • Order forms
  • Term’s reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Support for blind people
Test Version

We provide a fully functional test version of Formulator 3.0 for free download. This test version enables you to try all features of our software but is restricted to creating not more than eight input fields.

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Licensing Options

Formulator 3.0 Full Version

    • Scan documents
    • Create zones and fields
    • Define mathematical relations
    • Fill-out forms
    • Import and export database records
    • Print documents

Formulator 3.0 Update

    • Update from Formulator 2.x

Formulator Filler 3.0

    • Fill-out forms
    • Import and export database records
    • Print documents

    You need at least one full license of Formulator as the Filler is not able to create form templates.