OmniPage: Convert scanned documents and PDF files into editable, searchable formats!

Convert PDF contents using one-click workflows

Converting documents does not have to be complicated. By using pre-defined or your self-created workflows you can start complex routine jobs with a single mouse click. Convert images from your iPhone, iPad or digital camera into readable formats and send them to your electronical Kindle reader automatically.

Access and convert documents in the cloud

Storing, sharing, and archiving documents online in cloud storage is a fast, inexpensive, and convenient option today. OmniPage is designed to connect to a variety of cloud storage and online document websites. Now you can convert documents stored in Windows Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, Evernote, Dropbox, and so much more.

Automatically process emailed documents

By using pre-programmed workflows you can convert your documents from one format into another in a single step. Now you can receive scanned papers or PDFs via Microsoft Outlook. OmniPage will automatically convert them and save them in your preferred format.

OmniPage 18 Standard – One of the most favoured solutions for scanning and OCR

Don’t retype your documents — convert them! OmniPage 18 is the fastest and most precise way to convert paper, PDF files, and even digital camera pictures into documents you can edit in your favorite PC applications. OmniPage 18 delivers unrivaled accuracy, speed, and
innovative features. It supports virtually all scanners and can recognize text from images taken with a digital camera, an iPhone® or an iPad®. The program turns text from paper that would take hours retyping it into perfectly formatted PC documents within seconds. You can even have your scanned documents being sent from any device by eMail to Microsoft Outlook. OmniPage 18 is suitable for the education sector, for private use and for smaller businesses.

OmniPage Ultimate – Don’t just convert documents, transform them!

OmniPage Ultimate converts paper, PDF documents and forms almost instantly into text files you can share, edit, send to the cloud or store in a document archive. The new Omnipage Ultimate is based on Omnipage Professional version 18 and has many new features to offer:

  • Even more precise recognition of digital photographs and document layouts
  • Convert documents into the ePub format and read them on eBook readers
  • Omnipage Launchpad – fast access to conversion features using the new tablet-like user interface
  • Secure document archiving with enhanced PDF/A support

New in Version 18

  • At the start, OmniPage displays a selection of the most often used options
  • Scans and images from any device can be received by eMail
  • Improved quality of searchable PDFs
  • Better scans and higher accuracy thanks to improved algorithms for image noise removal
  • Scans of poor quality can be improved using the OmniPage Scan Edit Tools (SET™-Tools)
  • Scanners supporting an ISIS driver can be used for direct scanning in OmniPage.
Improved layout accuracy
More precise character recognition from halftone images
Faster processing of multi-page documents
Improved compression with PDF-MRC files without impact on recognition accuracy

Feature Overview

Ease of Use OmniPage 18 OmniPage Ultimate
How-to-Guides teach you the key steps to use OmniPage
OmniPage Launchpad
Image Capture – Scanners and All-in-Ones
Scanner drivers supported WIA/TWAIN/ISIS WIA/TWAIN/ISIS
Automatically receive images from scan-to-email
OmniPage Workflows put more power behind on-device scan buttons
Image Capture – Digital Cameras, Smart Phones and Tablets
3DC digital camera correction technology Excellent Superior
25% higher accuracy
Automatic camera image recognition
Automatically receive images from scan-to-email
Automatically receive scans from Cloud Storage Services Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Drive and more Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Drive and more
Image Capture – Networked MFPs
Supports Windows 2008 and 2012 Servers New: DocuDirect
Improved automatic restart and failed job recovery New: DocuDirect
64-bit support for improved memory utilisation New: DocuDirect
Automatically receive images from scan-to-email Batch Manager New: DocuDirect
Automatically receive scans from network MFPs via scan to folder New: DocuDirect
Converted Output – Book Readers, Smart Phones & Tablets (support varies by model)
Kindle Assistant puts easy-to-read rich text output on your Kindle by email
Normal PDF
Document Management (PaperPort required)
Free PaperPort® with PDF Viewer Plus included (a £ 99.99 value) PaperPort Professional 14
Free PDF Create with PDF Create Assistant (a £ 49.99 value) PDF Create 8
Customisable Open dialogs with PaperPort folders
Customisable Save dialogs with PaperPort folders
Open and view with PaperPort
Word accuracy Superior Superior
Improved character attributes / font matching Superior Superior
Legal / Medical / Financial dictionaries improve accuracy with words in these dictionaries
IntelliTrainTM proofing learns as you correct results
Layout Accuracy – Formatting
Advanced flowing page output links columns of text for easy editing Superior Superior & Improved
PDF Overlay Matching provides superior text based PDF conversion Superior Superior
TruePage™ output Superior Superior
ExactWord output for improved editing Superior Superior
Line recognition Superior Superior
Improved table conversion Superior Superior & Improved
Better processing of similar pages (layout learning) Superior Superior
Colour recognition and retention Superior Superior
Maintains headers and footers Superior Superior
Titles / large font recognition Superior Superior
Legal (pleading) documents Superior Superior
Vertical text recognition Superior Superior
Recognition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters Superior Superior & Improved
Japanese accuracy
Auto-detection of Asian language characters within Western text Superior Superior
Document Input
Bitmap (*.bmp), DCX (*.dcx), GIF (*.gif), JB2 (*.jbg), JP2 (*.jp2), JPEG (*.jpg), MAX (*.max), PCX (*.pcx), PDF (*.pdf), PNG (*.png), TIFF (*.tif), XIFF (TIFF FX) (*.xif), XPS (*.xps)
Image Pre-processing
Automatic camera image detection
Automatic page rotation
Keep original resolution
Apply pre-defined Enhancement Template (profile)
Remove punch holes
Clean borders
Blank page removal with sensitivity
Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET™) Tools
Brightness and Contrast
Hue / Saturation / Lightness
OCR brightness
Drop out colour
Adjust resolution
3D Deskew (for digital camera images)
Adjustable Despeckle/Normal
Adjustable Despeckle/Halftone
Adjustable Despeckle/Salt & Pepper
Adjustable Inverse Despeckle
Remove punch holes
Clean borders
Enhance whiteboard photo
Forms Conversion and Processing
Ability to convert paper and image forms
Form drawing tools
Collect data from PDF or printed forms with data
PDF Workflows & Output
eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF keeps PDF files unchanged while making them searchable
Intelligent searchable PDF workflow available in DocuDirect
PDF formats — image, searchable image, normal and edited
PDF/A Enhanced with PDF/A-2b, -2u
Linearised PDF  •  •
Auto-format headers and footers  •  •
MRC-High Compression for maximum file compression of scanned documents Superior Superior
Retain annotations (when using eDiscovery Assistant)
Create and preserve hyperlinks
Bookmark page thumbnails
Bookmark through Find-and-Mark
Bookmark through Mark Text Workflows
PDF append – attach content to existing PDF files
PDF with digital signatures
Password protect PDF
Encrypted PDF files 256-bit encryption
Tagged PDF files
Application (Text) Output
Microsoft Word (.rtf)
Microsoft® Excel (.xls)
Microsoft® WordML (.xml)
Microsoft® Word 2007/2010/2013 (.docx)
Microsoft® Excel 2007/2010/2013 (.xlsx)
Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 (.pptx)
XPS — image, searchable image and normal
Corel® WordPerfect® (.wpd)
Fillable WordML, InfoPath® and PDF forms
Audio file output turns text into speech Enhanced with natural
sounding voice and MP3
Form data export (.csv)
Document Routing and Delivery
Batch Manager Console to manage and monitor jobs New: DocuDirect
Immediate batch processing using new or existing Workflows New: DocuDirect
Silently running (without prompts) batch processing New: DocuDirect
Batch process from cloud storage (Nuance Cloud Connector, Evernote and Dropbox) New: DocuDirect
Batch process incoming email attachments New: DocuDirect
Batch process mark text (redact, highlight, strikethrough) New: DocuDirect
Scheduled batch processing using new or existing Workflows New: DocuDirect
Batch process files as they appear in a watched folder New: DocuDirect
Batch process barcode jobs as they appear in a watched folder New: DocuDirect
Access additionally exported Workflows locally or on the network New: DocuDirect
Email notification of finished batch manager jobs New: DocuDirect
User Interface Views and Function Windows
Classic view for those familiar with OmniPage
Quick Convert view with popular options in one window
Flexible view windows arranged in a convenient tabbed arrangement
Dockable and moveable function windows
Custom views allow you to save your favourite window arrangements
Complete Text Editor to modify recognised text
Easy Loader for fast opening of files
Document Manager for processing statistics
Continuous monitoring with Workflow status
Advanced OCR Tools
Workflow Assistant and Manager
Zone templates
User dictionaries
Training files
Custom saving preferences (output format profiles)
Amazon® Kindle® Assistant
File-It Assistant with barcode driven workflows
Document Control
Manual speed zoning
Selectable picture editor
Image resolution control
On-the-fly zoning
Vertical text zoning
Proofing & Training
Context correction
Individual character training
Dynamic verification
Correction suggestions • (with keyboard shortcuts) • (with keyboard shortcuts)
Windows Integration
Customisable “right click” workflow automation in Windows Explorer
Convert Now Wizard with “right-click” in Windows Explorer
Workflows in Windows 7 and 8 Jump List
Advanced Productivity Features
Fast OCR engines Superior Superior
Multi-threading Superior Superior
Parallel multi-core processing (Intel and AMD supported)
Parallel multi-document batch processing for multi-core processors
Document-to-Document conversion (text input)
Automatic language detection
Add and preserve hyperlinks
Open multiple documents at once with parallel processing
Concurrent file saving
Microsoft Office Direct OCR Enhanced with
Office 2013 support
Automatically Redact (Black-out), Highlight and Strikethrough text using keywords  •
Import and export Workflows  •
Print and save Workflow barcode pages  •
Nuance Cloud Connector
Nuance Cloud Connector with Windows Network Drive  •  •
AT&T Synaptic Storage  •  •
Caringo CAStor  •  •
EMC Atmos Online  •  •
Amazon S3  •  •
Google Docs/Storage  •  •
Nirvanix  •  •
Mezeo  •  •
Windows/Azure  •  •  •  •
OpenStack  •  •
Peer1 CloudOne  •  •
Rackspace CloudFiles  •  •
WebDav  •  •
Dateiserver  •  •
FTP  •  •
OmniPage Connectors
Evernote  •  •
Dropbox  •  •
Integration with SharePoint 2003 / 2007 / 2013
Integration with Open Text eDOCS 5.3
Integration with Autonomy-Interwoven iManage Worksite 8.2 / 8.5 / 9.0

System Requirements

  • A computer with a 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® or higher, or equivalent processor
  • 1 GB of memory (RAM), 2 GB recommended
  • 2.7 GB total hard drive space for all components:
    • 300 MB for application components plus 100 MB during installation,
    •  1.2 GB for Vocalizer Expressive speech modules (120-500 MB per language),
    • 250 MB for RealSpeak Solo (languages can be custom installed),
    • 200 MB for PDF Create,
    • 700 MB for PaperPort,
    • 30 MB for Nuance Cloud Connector
  • DVD drive for installation unless utilizing a digital download
  • 1024 x 768 pixel color monitor
  • Windows® 8 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows XP 32-Bit with SP 3
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • WIA-, TWAIN– or ISIS scanner driver.
  • Web access needed for online Activation, Registration, Live Update and Nuance
    Cloud Connector
  • Digital camera with auto-focus or higher for digital camera text capture

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Licensing Options

OmniPage 18 Standard

    • Instantly edit scanned paper, images or PDF files in your favorite applications
    • Improve productivity—OmniPage 18 is fast, easy and productive and works with all scanners, all-in-ones, and digital cameras
    • Automatically receive emailed pictures of documents from your devices through Microsoft Outlook
    • Maintain formatting – converted documents look just like the original
    • Take advantage of simple, fast, and effective conversion using Cloud storage services

OmniPage Ultimate

    • Take advantage of superior word accuracy to recreate documents quickly
    • Maintain formatting so converted documents look just like the original
    • Trust fast and easy on-demand conversion using OmniPage Launchpad
    • Convert and route documents through your network from MFPs, All-in-One devices, scanners, email or shared folders with OmniPage DocuDirect.

OmniPage Ultimate Update

    • Update from OmniPage Standard/Professional 16, 17, 18