As an enterprice specialised in the application and integration of text recognition software (OCR) we do, of course, offer our services for programming applications and tools tailored to your needs. Thanks to our long-standing experiences in this area reaching back to the release of the first OCR SDK in 1993 we can solve most problems faster than software developers being confronted with a task in this area for the first time and having to find their way first.

Software Developer


Your advantages from outsourcing programming tasks are abvious:

  • Saving staff and time

  • Optimal selection of all components

  • No familiarisation with scanner and OCR programming required

  • Cost savings by not having to acquire an OCR SDK
    (only runtime licenses required)

  • Safe cost calculation by fixed price offer


When developing your software we will focus on your needs and provide anything you require, from stand-alone programs to software libraries for seamless integration:

  • Complete Windows software with graphical interface

  • Partial component of your software with user interface elements

  • Command line program for converting image files

  • Software library (DLL) for integration into your software

  • FormPro add-on

You have a problem?
We will find the solution along with you!