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You have to digitise large amounts of documents and don’t have the capacity to do it yourself? Then you should use the scanning service of OCR Systeme! We provide document conversion and data capture from forms, questionnaires or structured documents of any kind as a service.

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What are we capable of?

When digitising paper we distinguish between unstructured and structured documents. Unstructured documents can be letters, books or magazines and also tables which are to be captured completely and converted as true to the original as possible. Structured documents, on the other hand, can be filled-out forms, questionnaires, invoices or delivery slips having alle the same layout and of which you only need the contents.

How is it done?

You send us the pages to be digitised by mail or freight service and we will scan them, convert them using the best suitable OCR software and provide you with the results in any format of your choice. Depending on the type of documents and your requirements the result can be an image archive, text files or a database on CD, DVD or encrypted by eMail or FTP download. The originals can be sent back to you or destroyed at your request.

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How much will it cost?

The pricing of our scanning service depends on the amount of pages and the complexity of the conversion. For a simple document conversion into image files we usually charge 0.10 € per page. With an additional text recognition and output as searchable PDF file this will usually increase to 0.15 € per page. For automatic data capture from forms or questionnaires the price depends mainly on the amount of handwritten entries to be corrected manually and is typically within the range from 0.15 € to 0.25 € per page.
In order to be able to make you a binding offer please send us a couple of sample documents and let us know the total number of pages you want to convert.

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