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Case Study: Capturing Invoice Data with BLU DELTA and OmniPage SDK

BLU DELTA Document and Invoice Capture is a software product of Blumatix Intelligence GmbH. Based on OCR data acquired by text recognition BLU DELTA enables the automated capture of financial documents like invoices and delivery notes. Typical customers are financial departments, accountants and tax consultants seeking to relieve their employees from time-consuming and mostly manual data capture.

BLU DELTA utilizes the OmniPage Capture SDK to capture the contents of printed documents with OCR and make them searchable. But this is only the first step! Using its pre-trained and trainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) up to 32 different data points can be extracted from any given document. In combination with a Cloud API customers can directly and freely test the invoice capturing and convince themselves of its adequacy for their own invoices.

Extracting invoice details