Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg

Case Study: Statistical Evaluation of General Elections with FormPro

As part of all General Elections in Germany some election districts issue special ballots with pre-printed details about sex and age group. Capturing these data points in combination with the party checkmarks enables the Department of Statistics to draw conclusions about the election behavior of certain population groups. Selecting only sufficiently large elections districts hereby ensures the anonymity of the voters.

In 2017, the Department of Statistics of Berlin-Brandenburg authorized us for the first time to evaluate 147,000 ballots from these two states. Further jobs followed in 2019 for the European election and the state election of Brandenburg. Shortly before the general elections of 2021 we were able to win two more states (Saxony-Anhalt and Saarland). Within four weeks we had to scan 250,000 ballots and capture their imprints and checkmarks using our software FormPro.

Stimmzettel der Bundestagswahl 2021