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Case Study: Evaluation of Exams with FormPro
at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

The Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) of Munich is one of the leading universities in Germany with a tradition reaching back more than 500 years. Not quite that long but at least since 2007, the university’s School of Management has been scanning, evaluating and rating examinations using FormPro.

The result sheets for the exams have been designed such that they can be filled out completely using checkmarks only. The same layout will be used for all exams. The course ID of the exam will be printed on the result sheet as a barcode. Students will be identified by their 9-digit ID which they have to check themselves in a 9 x 10 matrix. To answer the up to 30 questions of an exam they tick multiple-choice questions with selections A through E.

What makes this case study special is the fact that FormPro does not only evaluate the checkmarks but also compares the checked answers with the correct answers and determines the final score using an add-on module programmed specifically for LMU. To evaluate an exam a questionnaire with the correct answers has to be scanned first for reference. All following pages will be compared to this reference and be rated accordingly. The final score, along with the course ID, the student ID and the answer selections will be written to a CSV file for further processing.